Are you a new web developer who is struggling to learn a back-end web framework? Overwhelmed by its complexity? When using the framework, are you "filling in the blanks" without understanding what is going on behind the scenes?

If so, then you should learn Frameplicity, a web framework that's designed to help you master fundamental framework skills. It contains less than 650 lines of code (excluding comments), allowing you to explore it under-the-hood.

Unlike other web frameworks, Frameplicity is designed for you, the learner. In fact, it's not meant to be deployed in production. It's solely an educational tool.

You learn Frameplicity by working on activities(*) through a guided discovery process. You may find these activities to be challenging. But after completing them, you will have a deep understanding of the framework. You'll master the underpinnings of templates, page routing, partials, component architecture and inversion of control. This knowledge will ease your transition to more advanced frameworks.

After learning Frameplicity, you'll also be able to write code that is more organized, reusable and maintainable then you are writing now.

I'm Scott, the creator of the framework, and I built this to pursue my love of teaching.

(*) Currently Frameplicity is in beta and there are six activities. Many more activities are planned.

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